I personally don’t like Justin Bieber, its fine if you do, my sister would marry him of she had the chance. But these are appropriate fitting song lyrics. I’m so sorry for not updating yesterday but i had the most killer headache and was sick 😦 . Thank you very much for the likes on my coconut oil post. Comment on which one ,if any, you tried!

Yesterdays fiasco inspired me for todays post,  Easy Ways To Cure Mind-Numbing Headaches.

1. Most obviously take pain killers, take them earlier rather than later.

2.Use caffeine carefully, having too much can actually lead to more headaches.

3.Drink plenty of water.

4. Find a dark, quiet place to have a sit down.

5.Relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation to help your  muscle relaxation.

6. Use a cool compressor, its a gel-like substance, frozen in a packet.

7. Massage your face and scalp aswell as your neck and shoulders.

8. Use breathing techniques.

9. Try herbal remedies.

10.Get plenty of sleep.

Please excuse my absence of posting yesterday, i will try to update everyday if posible. It would be great to hear some of your thought in the comments. Have a great evening. xxx


One thought on “Sorry

  1. Number 2 is absolutely correct! I once had a bad headache and thinking that caffeine would help, I drank a coffee. It turned out to be a big mistake. Thank you for the useful advice.


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