Shawn Mendes

Now I will share with you my guilty pleasure. Mr. Mendes is my absolute favourite artist at the moment,¬† he is my bae and all of my friends don’t seem interested at the moment so i’ve got him all to myself at the moment ,luckily.

I just love the style of song he sings and it kinda all begun when I heard stitches on the radio for the first time. Is it just me but I feel like whenever he sings it feels like he is literally in the room with me and is singing to me? It’s stupid¬† but I really am literally in love with him.

Do any of you feel like this with anyone? Or do you have any guilty pleasures, seriously it feels good to let it all out to someone,anyone even if it’s not me share!

This video is a wonderful way to raise awareness for domestic violence, especially when his audience is mainly teenage girls (like me). It’s good to let them know that domestic abuse is in no way okay or accepted and that unfortunately it does happen. Plus, it’s a catchy song.


Little Mix


Again, sorry for not posting in what feel like ages. My mother decided to ban all electrical appliances for the whole weekend. Finally she gave in when we all started singing hard knock life fom Annie.

Apparently, Little Mix are the biggest pop band at the moment. I’m a mixer because I love this genre of music and they appreciate their fans. They are are a positive role model for this generation. They tell girls you don’t need a man to be beautiful and we are as strong as we think.

My favourite lyric is ” you made my heart break and that made me who I am,” meaning we can be independent and find ourselves in time.

Comment your favourite Little Mix song and why you are a mixer. Not the electrical appliance!

To Build A Home


This song makes you think about who you could be, the places you could go, the people you could meet, how your life will move, when you’ll meet the love of your life, who you really are and how you feel about life and the world. The world is a beautiful place, and many people don’t appreciate life itself. Life is a beautiful thing. It can’t be taken for granted, nor should it be lost. The beauty of life is, we all have a purpose, and some of us will succeed, while others may fail. But you’ll never know how your life is supposed to be if you dont go and smell the roses. Finding your purpose is one of the hardest challenges the world has to offer. But one day, it will come to you, and you will find out your passions, your love, how you think. For some odd reason, many people find their purpose, but it has been disguised, or they see it as too challenging, or too large of an idea, and they let it slip away. So you should never stop living. If you’re in a hardship, go out and kick it’s ass. That’s the beauty of life. You choose how you play your cards.

For anyone who’s having a bad day or going through a bad period in their life, please remember that someone out there loves you whether you’ve met them yet or not. You are enough, you deserve every chance life gives you, you are loved even if at this time in your life you are the only one who loves you. Never give up on yourself because you are worth it and never forget how beautiful you are. A while ago I read this quote that really stuck with me, it goes something like this : “Killing yourself might end the pain but it doesn’t allow it to get better.” . It was said better than that but it’s a simple message that we shouldn’t forget. Have an amazing day because you are the master of your own destiny.