Shawn Mendes

Now I will share with you my guilty pleasure. Mr. Mendes is my absolute favourite artist at the moment,¬† he is my bae and all of my friends don’t seem interested at the moment so i’ve got him all to myself at the moment ,luckily.

I just love the style of song he sings and it kinda all begun when I heard stitches on the radio for the first time. Is it just me but I feel like whenever he sings it feels like he is literally in the room with me and is singing to me? It’s stupid¬† but I really am literally in love with him.

Do any of you feel like this with anyone? Or do you have any guilty pleasures, seriously it feels good to let it all out to someone,anyone even if it’s not me share!

This video is a wonderful way to raise awareness for domestic violence, especially when his audience is mainly teenage girls (like me). It’s good to let them know that domestic abuse is in no way okay or accepted and that unfortunately it does happen. Plus, it’s a catchy song.